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Llamas in Distress
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Game info
Llamas in Distress
11 plays
Date added: 2018-02-03
Description: Use gravity powers to save your llama friends!
Instructions: arrow keys to move AND jump, space to FLIP, E to shoot, other instructions in-game
Tags: None
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  • avatar
    paulakeener (212) - 2018-09-04, 09:39
    Q: Does Lonsdor key programmer support Spanish?

    A: No, OBD2 key Programmer Lonsdor K518 is the Chinese version. K518 supports English (K518ISE) and Thai (K518THA) language. One machine one language, cannot exchange within the machine.

    Q: Does lonsodr k518ise key programmer need tokens?

    A: No, it does not need token. It’s not a token tool.

    Q: How to register the k518 machine?

    A: For new user, click Registration, input user name(email), name(min 2 char), password(min 6 char), email verification code and click YES to complete registration(if interrupted after registration is done, you will go to the System update–Registered user to proceed). Then go to Activation confirmation to continue.

    After confirming activation, it will enter into Setup password interface, please set 6-digit numbers as your startup password. Then after information verification by Lonsdor (5-30 minutes, you can check the progress by clicking “Refresh” ), you will required to re-enter the password to verify, when you get the notification that verification successful, the whole process before using the device is complete.

  • avatar
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